Why Acyclovir is the best for Viral Infection?

Acyclovir Medication can also be utilized to treat outbreaks of Herpes Genitalis.

Chicken pox is one of the most common infections caused by Varicella Zoster. It affects more than 3 children in US and it gives rise to immense discomfort. This medication can also be utilized to treat outbreaks of herpes genitalis. If you have frequently occurring outbreaks, acyclovir 400 mg will aid in reducing the frequency of subsequent episodes. Acyclovir 400 mg acts as an antiviral medication.

FDA approved this drug to treat genital herpes and HSV encephalitis. Acyclovir is the prime medicines to treat HSV encephalitis and presently there are no other medicines to treat this condition. This medicine also shows effective results in HIV-1 infected patients. It increases the chances of survival and reduces the HIV-1 load. ACV reduces the plasma HIV-1 concentrations and it makes the patient feel good. ACV is an inexpensive drug and it can be used alone or along with other drugs to get the best results. Acyclovir’s anti HIV activity is beneficial for both laboratory HIV strains and the clinical isolates with different subtypes.

The virus that causes these illnesses continues to exist within the body, even after outbreaks. Acyclovir reduces the intensity and duration of outbreaks. It aids in healing the sores faster, stops new sores from appearing, and reduces pain and itching. Acyclovir is not a protection against the transmission of herpes genitalis. Herpes can be spread through genital contact even if there is no evidence that you suffer from symptoms. Always use a barrier technique in all sexual activities.

Nowadays, monkeypox is a disease affecting humans. Experts are recommending the use of ACV which shows notable benefits in the treatment of monkeypox. This is one of the most effective antiviral drugs which help managing the symptoms of monkeypox. The first case of monkeypox came up on May 6 and the virus further spread to countries like Germany, UK, Spain and Portugal. The government is carrying out clinical trials to learn the efficiency of different medicines. All cases show a connection to someone who had travelled to Africa, an endemic area. So, there are some chances of community spread and experts are continuously researching to come up with effective treatment options.

Clinical Trial and Observations

A clinical trial was conducted on 815 healthy children aged between 2-12 years. Within 24 hours of the medicine was applied and the result was positive. Children treated with Acyclovir got fewer chickenpox lesions and there was no new lesion after third day. The medicine reduces the severity of chicken pox when the therapy is started within first 2 hours of the outbreak. Also, this medicine helps reduce the fever and the children recovered faster. After these observations a multicenter trial was conducted to know more about the efficiency of the medicine. The trial conducted both physical and laboratory exams to learn the true facts about Acyclovir online.

How do you use Acyclovir?

You can take this medication orally, either with or without food, as your doctor recommends, generally 2-3 times daily. Drink plenty of fluids when using this medication unless your doctor advises you to take it differently.

If you’re taking the liquid version of this medication, shake it thoroughly before every dose. Ensure you measure the acyclovir dosage with an instrument or spoon designed explicitly for measuring. Don’t use an ordinary spoon, as you might not get the proper dosage.

According to your doctor’s instructions, the medication is best taken at the first signs of an outbreak. It might not work effectively if you wait to start the treatment.

Dosage is determined by your medical conditions and your response to treatment. In the case of children, the dosage is also determined by weight.


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It is rare for this drug to cause you to feel dizzy or sleepy. Don’t drive, operate machines, or do anything that requires you to be alert until you can do so safely. Avoid drinking alcohol. Consult your physician when you’re using cannabis.

Time to Buy Acyclovir

Buy acyclovir as directed by your physician. Buy acyclovir online as soon as you can follow the first manifestation in symptoms (such as burning, tingling, or blisters). Begin taking Sitavig within one hour of the time the first time you notice symptoms of sold, but before the cold sore begins to appear.

Acyclovir dosage is determined by weight (especially for adolescents and children). Make sure you buy acyclovir online and drink plenty of fluids while taking this medication to ensure your kidneys function properly. Thus, you can explore a better health in real-time. Buy Acyclovir online and you can get rid of the viral infection.