Find Out Why People Buy Acyclovir 400 mg or 200mg online these Days – What are its uses?

What is Acyclovir 400?

Acyclovir is an antiviral medicine that is used for treating infections caused by some types of viruses.

This drug effectively treats cold sores around your mouth, chickenpox as well as shingles.

Doctors also recommend Acyclovir to treat genital herpes which is caused by herpes viruses.

Intake of this medicine as directed by the doctor can help to prevent regular outbreaks of genital herpes.

Acyclovir tablet might not help you to get rid of virus infection but it will help to heal your sores faster and provide relief from pain.

You need to know that herpes is a common viral infection while genital herpes is a sexually transmitted disease. Many customers buy acyclovir online through pharmacies to avoid the queue.

Remember any sexually active person can contract and transmit sexually transmitted disease.

Shingles and chicken pox are common skin conditions and are usually caused by the herpes virus.

In people with frequent outbreaks, this medicine aids in decreasing the number of future episodes. so some people with the history for this disease buy acyclovir to keep this in stock.

Even between outbreaks, the viruses that cause these infections continue to live in your body.

Intake of this acyclovir 400 mg pill decreases the seriousness and length of these outbreaks.

It also helps in healing faster, reduces pain or itching, and keeps new sores from forming.

Acyclovir tablet also helps in decreasing how long pain remains after the sores are healed.

In people with a weak immune system, this pill reduces the risk of the virus spreading to other parts of your body.

Acyclovir 400mg is an FDA-approved drug that can be purchased from a licensed online pharmacy.

What is the working mechanism of Acyclovir 400mg?

Acyclovir 200 mg is an antiviral medicine that works by preventing the multiplication of viruses in your body.

As a result, this drug stops the virus from producing new viruses and cleans up the infection completely. So its better to know where to get acyclovir 400 mg buy online.

How is Acyclovir 400mg used?

The dosage of Acyclovir 400mg is based upon your age, the condition being treated, how severe the condition is, and medical conditions. In children, the dosage depends upon their age.

Take this acyclovir dosage by mouth with or without the food as prescribed by the doctor, mainly 2 to 5 times a day. Unless the doctor advises you otherwise, make sure you drink plenty of fluids.

It is always better to go through the patient information leaflet provided with the medicine in order to know about its benefits and side effects. This acyclovir dosage will work best when it is taken at the first sign of an outbreak exactly in the same way as prescribed by the doctor.

In case, the treatment is delayed, your body might respond to Acyclovir 400 mg well. To help the medicine work at its best, the amount of Acyclovir should be kept at a constant level in your body.

People who dont want to go to pharmacy due to heavy work load they will buy acyclovir online from known sources. We help you to find best stores online. It is necessary for you to take this pill at evenly spaced intervals. Try taking it at the same time every day so that you remember taking it regularly. Unless the full prescribed amount is complete, you must continue taking Acyclovir.

Do not change the dose, skip any doses or stop taking this pill early without the approval of your doctor. If you find your condition continues or becomes worse with time, immediately call the doctor.

What happens if you miss a dose of Acyclovir 400mg?

Take the missed dose of this medication the moment you remember. But if it’s already the time for your next prescribed dosage then skip the missed dose. You must never overdose just to make up the missed dose. It is not suggested to take two doses of this pill together.

What happens if you overdose?

If you overdose then stop taking this pill and call the doctor immediately.

Precautions and warnings for Acyclovir 400mg

Before taking acyclovir 400mg tablet, you must inform the doctor if you are allergic to it or have any other kind of allergies. This medicine might contain some inactive ingredients, causing you allergic reactions or other problems. It is recommended to talk to your doctor about it in detail beforehand.

Patients with medical history like kidney problems and conditions related to weakened immune systems must consult the doctor before taking Acyclovir. This medication can make you feel dizzy or drowsy. Intake of alcohol can make you feel more dizzy or drowsy.

As a result, it is recommended to not indulge in activities like driving or using heavy machinery that demands attention unless you can do it safely. Also, inform the doctor about all other medicines you take to avoid drug interactions.

Side effects of Acyclovir 400mg

Remember the doctor has prescribed you this pills to order acyclovir 400 mg buy online because he/she thinks its benefits are greater than the side effects. However, you might experience some mild side effects like headache, dizziness, nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting.

Following the recommendation of your doctor can help you to avoid the serious side effects of this antiviral pill.

Contact the doctor immediately, if you suffer from any of these side effects:

  1. Symptoms of allergic reactions
  2. Trouble breathing
  3. Severe dizziness

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Does intake of Acyclovir 400mg stop the transmission of infection to others?

No, you might infect other people even while getting your treatment with Acyclovir 400mg. Remember herpes infections are very serious which means you must avoid the infected areas to come in contact with other people.

What happens if someone accidentally takes more than the recommended dose of Acyclovir 400mg?

Intake of this pill more often than directed by the doctor can lead to side effects like headache, nausea, confusion, and vomiting. In case of overdose, you must meet the doctor promptly.

Can you get resistant to Acyclovir treatment?

Patients with advanced HIV disease or with impaired immunity might report resistance to Acyclovir. If your body is not responding to Acyclovir properly then the possibility of drug resistance must be checked once.

Can pregnant and breastfeeding women take this medicine?

Acyclovir should be taken by pregnant and breastfeeding women only after consulting the doctor. Depending upon your condition, the doctor will recommend Acyclovir 400mg.